Sitting Down With a Beer

At my employer we have a ritual of creating a mini-profile on any newly hired, transferred or promoted employee which is shared with the entire division to “get to know them”.  One of the questions we ask everyone to answer is, “If you could have a beer with anyone (past, present, future, fictitious, real) who would it be?”

I used to answer this question saying Johnny Depp because, well why not?  He’s hot, he’s a movie star, and he seems cool.  Then I realized I would be too tongue-tied and nervous to actually talk to him and because of my nerves I would probably end up with beer spilled down my shirt (I can be a klutz when nervous).  Who wants to do that in front of someone as hot as Johnny Depp?  So then I got serious about this.

Here is my short list.  Yes I could have come up with more or someone more serious, but when I have a beer I want to have a good time, not discuss politics or rocket science, so I went with who I think I would most enjoy relaxing and having a cold brew with.

1. My mom.  This one is easy and for me and really obvious.  My mom is no longer living so I would like to opportunity to see her face-to-face again and share all of the silly stories about the kids and our life that have occurred in the last two years.  I want to show her pictures of our Halloween costumes and talk about how my husband’s business has been growing.   I want to kick back by the fire pit, with our feet up and laugh together again.  I want a chance to say good-bye and have her tell me everything will be alright.

2. Jackie O.  I think that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is fascinating and fashionable.  Not only did she live through a historically awful moment in history but she went on to thrive in her own way.  She found her own success after tragedy.   I would love to sit and talk with her, to learn about her as a real person not just an icon.  And seriously, I want her to give me a few fashion tips!

3. Jennifer Crusie– she is a romance writer who writes funny, sassy, contemporary romance novels about characters that are so real you could imagine them living next door.  I simply love her books, they make me laugh and they are an easy, enjoyable read.  They take me away from my everyday life into a story that I can easily picture and in the end the girl gets the guy she wants.  I would love to know her a person and learn how she comes up with these ideas.

This just goes to show that even when having pretend beers, one just isn’t enough!!  If you could have a beer with anyone, who would it be?


One comment

  1. When I read your comment about having a beer with your Mom, who is no longer alive, it reminded me of one of my biggest regrets in my life. My father was an immigrant who came to this country when he was a teenager. He escaped his oppressive homeland in eastern Europe as a stowaway on a transatlantic ship bound for New York.

    And that’s it. That’s all I know. I have no details about his childhood, his ordeal, what he must have experienced. He died before I was old enough to think to ask him about what must have been a fascinating journey. He’s the one person that I would love to have the opportunity to sit down and share a beer. A six-pack, actually.

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