Today I did something that I haven’t done since I was a young, dumb teenager. I locked my keys in the car! This is a fabulous way to start the day, but at least I am laughing about it!! I guess the cold is affecting my brain, that must be it since my hat is locked up with my keys!

Of course I am at work and the rent-a-security guard at the main desk can’t help me.  So I make the call that I hate making. The call that admits I did something stupid and I need help (you know, you’ve been there and hat emaking that call too). “Honey, can you please drive 45 minutes downtown on this frigid day to unlock my car?” He didn’t make any jokes or berate the time this would waste out of his morning. He simply said yes. Phew!  I guess it really is true love.

So what to do while I wait? My keys, purse, ipod, laptop and lunch are all resting comfortably in my front seat.  At least my yogurt is staying cold (it is -9 degrees again today).  I really should just go home and start over, but wait that’s not an option.  What can I do at my desk that only requires pen and paper? (Actually I even had to borrow a pen from a co-worker as mine are locked up in my desk- this is what I get for being uber-organized). 

I watered my lucky bamboo plant that was excessively dry- maybe that’s why today was unlucky (note to self-water this plant more often),  chit chat with my coworkers and fill my water bottle.  I still have 30 minutes until he’ll be here.

I know, I’ll write a blog posting to fill my time! Typing this on my phone has been interesting to say the least.  Auto correct is not my friend currently.

I really should have called in sick and wasted the day catching up on Breaking Bad (best TV series ever) in between loads of laundry. I would have been more productive than my current “bump on a log” status.  Oh well, it is only Friday.

TGIF!! Hope your Friday starts smoother than mine!



  1. Call AAA, maybe they would have got there faster? Or non-emergency police number? I think they carry those slim-jimmies with them for just such occasions. In any case, I’d say cold-weather left-the-keys-in-the-car are common, so I wouldn’t knock my head against the work wall about it. Have a good rest of your day, WM.

  2. I locked my keys in my car at a gas pump at a very busy station once. Not only did I have to call for help, but a whole lot of people saw me being an idiot. I’ve never done that again.

    Good for your husband to come rescue you.

    And -9 degrees? Seriously? Where do you live? That alone should be reason to stay home.

    Happy (the rest of your) Friday!

    1. I guess I should have signed my post. I put it out there in cyberworld, might as well fess up to owning it.

      I can’t even use the cold as my excuse. It’s almost 70 degrees here today. Waaaay to warm for December in Northern California.

      Patricia Rickrode
      w/a Jansen Schmidt

    2. I know it is crazy cold here! I’m in WI a little north of the Milwaukee area. With the windchill they are predicting temperatures between -40 to -50 on Monday. Needless to say the weatherpeople are going crazy with this and are enjoying their heyday of up-to-the minute forecast updates.

  3. And it’s TOO COLD up here to be locked out of anything! Bravo to your husband. I planned on keeping my two sick kids inside all day and then we ran out of diapers.

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