I Don’t Own Snow Boots

I was born, raised and still live in Wisconsin.  It snows here, at times quite a lot (the best winter picture of me is when I am two and the snow drifts are three times my height).  It has been known to snow anytime from Halloween to Easter.  And it is expected to get COLD today with the Siberian arctic winds blowing through it should be around -40 degrees.  It is common practice for every child (and some adults) to go sledding multiple times each winter, builds snowmen and makes snow angels.  And I don’t own snow boots.  I also don’t own snow pants or even a decently warm winter coat to wear to work.  By now you are probably (or should be) asking “Well why not you silly girl?” 

The truth is I HATE being wet, or worse- both cold and wet.  (This is also why I am currently denying my children a vacation to a waterpark-  a) I don’t want to parade around in my swimsuit in front of strangers and b) I have zero interest in playing in water and being wet).  Seriously, what is the fun in being cold?? 

I am basically rebelling against something that I cannot change unless I move to a different location or can find a way to harness mother nature and bend her to my will.  I’m guessing that won’t happen anytime soon.

I love being able to experience four distinct seasons, which is why, in general, I love Wisconsin weather.  The fact is that I (kind of) like winter, I love the look of snow as it is falling and when it is still clean and white (the ugly gray dirty snow can melt faster).  I love the fact that winter makes the plants go dormant so that they can re-bloom and regrow in the spring (unless we have a weird warm snap in February followed by a cold snap in March which then kills everything off).  Holiday lights look better when there is snow (but taking them down in January is a pain).  My kids look cute all bundled up, so thick with clothes that they can barely walk (until they tell me they have to use the bathroom right after I finished dressing them).  My dog loves to run through huge drifts of the fluffy white stuff (and track snow in all over the kitchen floor, which results in puddles I step in that soak my socks) .  Wow, after all of that I have almost talked myself out of liking snow. 

I have no desire to walk through snow, go sledding, skiing, snowmobiling or tubing.  I do not want to make snow angels. (that is the worst when snow gets down the back of your jacket!)  Thankfully my husband likes the snow so he can take the kids out in it. (thanks again honey!)  I will watch you from the comfort of my living room, thank you very much.  I will take pictures of other people frolicking in the wet, cold stuff. I will make you hot chocolate, hot toddies and spiked apple cider to warm you up when you come in.

So I do not currently, nor do I plan to, own snow boots anytime soon.   Yes, boots do keep your feet dry and warm, and there are even cute boots nowadays, but then it means you have to go out in it! 

Thank you winter it has been fun (sort of), I am done with you, please go away soon.


  1. Okay – so – what? You like winter, but not snow, cold, or being wet? It’s not adding up here. But, whatever, I’m glad someone likes winter. I like to watch it snow but I’m not crazy about driving in it. I like to ski.

    And, don’t knock a water park until you’ve tried it. Go to Florida in August, you’ll change your mind soon enough.

    I was born in Minnesota and my mother had some pictures of me as a little tot licking the ends of the icicles that hung down from the eaves. (I know, not very sanitary but cool pictures.) So glad my folks decided to move to California in 1969. I’ve been back there in the winter and I never took my coat off, inside or out.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. I know, I am a bit dysfunctional with my love/hate of the winter! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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