Six Degrees of Sylvester Stallone (pt 1)

Do you remember the game we all played as teenagers, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?  In this game you try to link yourself to Kevin Bacon using no more than 6 connections.  The connections could be almost anything but eventually it was via someone who worked in a film or dated Kevin Bacon. In honor of today’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger!  Because I prefer to take a lighthearted approach to things, my cliffhanger post is in the theme of the Kevin Bacon game except I am connecting myself to Sylvester Stallone.  Trust me, you don’t want me to try to write a fiction novel, poetry or even  limerick, they would be TERRIBLE!   So here goes nothing, if I counted right I’ve got it within 5 connections

Starting place:  Me!  Well duh, you knew this was where it would start! 

Connection #1: Stephanie.  Steph left home a few years ago to try to make it in a job that she hoped would be more interesting than anything WI could offer.  She went to New York for a brief while but then ultimately landed in L.A.  For a few years she did post-production work as a visual effects coordinator.  One of the films she worked on in a few years ago was …..  

To Be Continued……  Remember the theme was to be a cliffhanger!  Check back tomorrow for the finale!

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