Naming a Pet (Mahna Mahna)

By this name of this post you would think (rightfully) that we are naming a soon to be new pet (perhaps).  What I mean by this is that my husband is tossing around name ideas for a new puppy.  We have not actually said when we would pick up this puppy, nor have we actually determined what puppy we want.  We have simply said “someday soon let’s get a new puppy”.  We have agreed it will be a male dog (by agreeing I mean that I said I wanted a male dog and he didn’t disagree).  And rather than wait to look at the pup to determine a fitting name, we are randomly throwing out ideas.   This puppy would join our current cocker spaniel whose name is Fozzie Bear.  Yup, that’s right we named him after a Muppet.  Mostly because his breeder had called him Fonzie and I wasn’t a fan of keeping that name, but also because Jim Henson is a creative genius. That brings me to the interesting part of today’s light-hearted family debate.

My wonderful hubby wants to keep the “tradition” alive and give our new yet-to-be-determined puppy a muppet-ish name.  So I suggested the following (brief descriptions are provided to help you picture the character):

1.Gonzo – hook nosed, chicken loving weirdo

2. Beaker – little skinny guy who helps Dr. Bunsen and usually ends up blown up, thrown through the air, etc

3. Animal – the wild crazy thing that eats everything

4. Dr. Bunsen – the round headed scientist who usually blunders the experiment

5. Lew Zealand – the fish throwing guy

6.  Pops- the theater doorman

7.  Rizzo-I know he is the rat, but it’s sort of a cute name

And the list could go on.  I thought some of these were better than others but most I could work into a name for a puppy.  Here is what my hubby suggested (and he is very serious about this): Manha Manha.  He sent this to me via text message over lunch today.

If you are like me you read this and said “huh?”  Then you try to sound it out: Maa-naa Maa Naaa.  It still doesn’t sound quite right.  Have you figured out where you may have heard this before?  Here’s a hint, it isn’t a name, but it is Muppets related.  It is a refrain from a song.   Check out this YouTube video to refresh your memory:

It is a catchy fun tune, I get that.  And it makes me smile when I hear it.  But I can’t quite fathom it for a dog’s name.

My first response was can you picture yelling out the back door “Come here Mahna Mahna” Or “Fetch Mahna Mahna”?  It is a mouthful.  It is not short, sweet and easy to say.  Then I asked the kids if they could pronounce it. One could but said it felt weird to say (well, duh, it does feel weird to say) and the other couldn’t say it at all.  I believe it has too many syllables for a quick yell – like “Mahna Mahna get down from there!”  Here is my husband’s genius response- “well you usually have to yell for the dog twice when he’s outside anyway, this way it’s already built in!”

I just started laughing at that.  He is right. I may have lost this battle as I can’t logically debate that point.  Oh man!!  Now I just have to find the perfect Mahna Mahna to bring home….

One comment

  1. For some reason, when Z hated being in the carseat from birth to one year old, I mean throwing a huge fit, screaming. It was horrible. The one thing that would stop her from crying, was the mahna mahna song. So I listened to it enough to last a lifetime. lol. I think it would be a funny and maybe difficult name for a pup. Good luck!

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