What I Learned About Barbie

Due to my husband’s recent status change to become a stay-at-home-dad I spent some time at the start of the year reviewing our finances and taking a close look at some bills.  The cable bill was very closely scrutinized.  I finally determined to stick it to the man and cancel all of the extra cable channels we had to lower the bill.  I’m not buying to the cable company conspiracy any longer! Of course I have young kids and I don’t want to totally deprive them (or myself) so I signed up for Netflix. I figure with a free month trial of the streaming option it couldn’t hurt (and the cost is ridiculously low compared to cable).  If only I had known a week ago what I know now!

I have spent the past week watching different versions of the Power Rangers (there are 17 versions if I counted right) and Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse.  My kids couldn’t have picked two more different shows.  The good news about Power Rangers is that there are lots of different episodes to watch so at least the story is modified slightly each time my son tunes in.  However Barbie only has 4 episodes.  I think I have seen each at least 5 times now.  [side bar-I found out via Wikipedia that there are 5 seasons of this show, why doesn’t Netflix have more than 4 episodes yet?] Needless to say I have learned a lot about Barbie due to the repetitive nature of my daughter’s TV watching.  For instance did you know that Barbie has had 136 different jobs, one of which was being a stewardess with Midge.  According to Wikipedia she was a stewardess for American Airlines from 1961-64 and Pan Am in 1966.  And pink is her favorite flavor of ice cream (not sure that is really a flavor).  She received her driver’s license in the mail even though she doesn’t know how to drive, yet one of her earlier careers was a race car driver.  I also finally know the names of her three sisters – Skipper (that one was easy), Stacie and Chelsea. 

This was the best part- Midge arrived to visit Barbie.  She shows up at the Dreamhouse in all of her 1960’s black & white Wisconsin glory (Barbie actually said Midge is from Wisconsin where they don’t even have color!) talking about going to a sock hop and doing macramé.  Then she spots Ryan the surfer-ish looking wannabe singer who is constantly crushing on Barbie.  She instantly asks for a makeover so that she can come into the current decade to win him over.  Ryan thinks she looks good all redone but he can’t get past her ‘60’s banter.  And all of Barbie’s newer besties are updated versions of Midge (according to Midge anyway), I think she called them Malibu Midge, Bohemian Midge, Sporty Midge, something like that.  Darn, now I need to watch that episode again to get that right! 


(Picture from dreamhouse.barbie.com)

Ken is of course present in every episode-you can’t have Barbie without her dream man.  Did you know that Ken is very handy and has a penchant for fixing things?  Most of the time his projects work, but they may have a minor flaw in the design.  Like the new pool slide which launches Ryan into space if he doesn’t cross his ankles when going down, something about the crossed ankles affects velocity.  Or when he installed a dolphin tank so that Chelsea could have pet dolphins in the Dreamhouse but he hooked the tank up to the neighborhood’s water supply so the dolphins were popping in and out of everyone’s toilets.  The best was when he put in a closet computer/droid to help Barbie pick the perfect outfit every time but for some reason also put in an evil button and the jealous Raquel knew where to find it which results in Barbie and friends being locked into the Dreamhouse. And this is the most annoying aspect of Ken, he goes “Cute-a-tonic” when he sees too much cuteness at one time.  For instance a room full of puppies causes him to go stiff as a board and falls over.  How un-manly is that?  

This make me want to bust out my old Barbies and play along the next time my kiddo is watching the show.  If only I had a Midge doll…….I like her.

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  1. I was a scriptwriting-stay-at-home mom for 12 years. I head back to work in a corporate job in 4 days. I’ve started a blog about the adventure that lies ahead. I will enjoy reading yours as I head down this new path.

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