Wading the job market water

I have a love/annoyed relationship with LinkedIn.  I love it because I have been able to reconnect with prior co-workers which is always a good thing in case a need for a reference ever occurs.  I like the news feed feature where I can customize the article content I see. (I really like the Jack Welch and Liz Ryan pieces)  Here is where my love and annoyance start to cross each other.  I love it when I am contacted out of the blue by someone recruiting for a job that may be a fit for me.  However I also feel annoyance (at myself) because for some reason I still become extremely excited every time this happens. 

There is no doubt that it is an ego boost when a stranger approaches you and says “hey have you heard about this position?  It might be a good fit for you”.  The excitement begins to build in my head around the possibility of future possibilities.  Now let me stop for a moment and say that I am not out looking for a new job necessarily, however if someone comes my way from what I consider a Tier 1 company and the description seems like a fitting growth opportunity and interesting I will reply back.   I figure if nothing else it is a good way for me to scope out what skills I need to gain in order to maintain my marketability and see if my comp & benefits package is still in line with area companies.   

This tends to result in me dipping my toe in the proverbial job market water occasionally each year by having at least a phone interview.  Often after the phone interview I know I’m not interested in the company, the position, the other people or I come to my senses and realize just how great I have it in my current role and company.  But then once in a while you have that one phone interview which, while too short to really learn anything significant, is intriguing and makes you want to know more.  So then I sit and wonder: Will they call me for an in-person interview? Do I want them to call me? Even if they call me back will I go?  What would it take for me to change jobs?  How serious about this am I?

Yesterday I was in that position.  Today I got the call that I wanted to get yet dread to get.  And after a few hours of debate I decided to go for the interview next week.  Now all kinds of crazy thoughts are jumbled in my head!  From the insignificant what should I wear variety to trying to define exactly what I am looking for, what I would accept, and most importantly what questions must I ask to learn what I need to from this interview.  I think a lot of people approach interviews wrong.  They assume they need to open themselves up like a book and let the company hog all of the time to learn about them, resulting in 5 minutes of time at the end for the candidate to ask an awe-inspiring question.  This results in you the candidate walking away not having enough information to make a sound decision.  This is the great part about interviewing for a job when you don’t need a job.  They need me I don’t need them, so I am looking for them to tell me why I should work for them, what sets them apart, what are the driving forces behind their business and the team.

Starting tomorrow I am in interview prep mode running through possible questions and what my answers would be and making a list of all the questions I want to ask them and prioritizing the order I want to ask them to ensure I find out answers that are key to my decision-making process (if this results in a decision making process).  What do I want to learn about them to be able to make an intelligent decision?  This is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time!!!  I am setting parameters in my head of what my minimum wants and desires in terms of a job, manager, team, company and compensation would be.  Can they meet or exceed my expectations so that I would actually consider making the move?  Ahhh… the head games with myself have begun! 

Tick tock tick tock, the waiting game clock is ticking…..


  1. Do not overload with stress and worry. Be yourself. Enjoy the chase, somehow!

  2. I totally agree with you. I haven’t had much success on LinkdIn myself, but I think whether you have a job or not you should thing of an interview as being two part, they are interviewing you as well as you are interviewing them. One of the most important things about finding the right job is knowing if you are a good fit for the position and the company, and if you aren’t, its in your best interests to walk away. Plus, I think you feel more confident with a they need to sell the job to me attitude rather than a I need to sell myself attitude. Good luck 🙂

  3. How exciting! It seems you have the high ground, so enjoy the view. It’ll make you more confident and polished knowing they came to you. Best of luck — go get ’em!

  4. Good luck! (I’m not sure what that means to you, though. I guess I’m just sort of wishing you all the best with it in the long term, either way!)

  5. Heather · · Reply

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