Today I did something that I haven’t done since I was a young, dumb teenager. I locked my keys in the car! This is a fabulous way to start the day, but at least I am laughing about it!! I guess the cold is affecting my brain, that must be it since my hat is […]

With the new year I find myself going through a perceptive shift on how I define myself.  Ever since the birth of my son I have proudly worn the badge of a mom.  When my maternity leave ended I upgraded myself to Supermom (I think once you wear spit-up on your shoulder and oatmeal in your […]

It sounded great when it first started, we would all be home, off of work, school and daycare for 11 whole days! Some great family time where we could, laugh, bond together, make some memories, and just be relaxed at home.  We would have fun every day and enjoy every minute together.   Eleven whole days […]

Yup it’s that time of year again.  Time to establish your resolutions for the new year! Who do you want to be and what do you want to accomplish by the end of the year?  Cue the groaning and moaning.   I admit I am someone who has set personal resolutions some years and usually […]

At my employer we have a ritual of creating a mini-profile on any newly hired, transferred or promoted employee which is shared with the entire division to “get to know them”.  One of the questions we ask everyone to answer is, “If you could have a beer with anyone (past, present, future, fictitious, real) who […]

I consider myself fortunate, my Christmas shopping list doesn’t have very many people on it, in total I shop for about 10 people (and 4 are kids so they are easy). This is because as my siblings and my husband’s siblings have gotten older we have decided to pick a name so you only need […]

My mom passed away in October 2011.  It was unexpected and quick, which while shocking was merciful.  That is the sad part.  Here is the happy part-my mom was an amazing lady!  She was filled not only with physical strength (which was belied by her extremely thin stature) but more importantly she had character strength which […]

I am a brand new blogger, effective today. This is meant to be my personal blog where I suspect I will write posts mainly about being a mom, daily experiences, perhaps something related to work and other random stuff that catches my attention. There will not be a theme that I strive to write content […]

Everyone has traditions and for many people they make an annual appearance at the holiday.   We have family traditions (decorating the tree together at the day after Thanksgiving, St. Nick and now Elf on a Shelf).  I also have a holiday work tradition with my team. Many managers have something they do and the practice […]

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