I have a love/annoyed relationship with LinkedIn.  I love it because I have been able to reconnect with prior co-workers which is always a good thing in case a need for a reference ever occurs.  I like the news feed feature where I can customize the article content I see. (I really like the Jack […]

Due to my husband’s recent status change to become a stay-at-home-dad I spent some time at the start of the year reviewing our finances and taking a close look at some bills.  The cable bill was very closely scrutinized.  I finally determined to stick it to the man and cancel all of the extra cable channels […]

Trust me when I say I am the last person who should be running a pool of any kind, much less a football playoff pool.  I don’t generally watch football and I have no clue who most of the players or coaches are, much less which team they are a part of.  I live in GB […]

With social media infiltrating almost every second of our lives these days there are more articles and studies being done about how many people don’t communicate as well as previously, at least in terms of face to face or verbal communications.  To some degree we have lost a bit of the art of in-person socializing.  […]

By this name of this post you would think (rightfully) that we are naming a soon to be new pet (perhaps).  What I mean by this is that my husband is tossing around name ideas for a new puppy.  We have not actually said when we would pick up this puppy, nor have we actually […]

I think that every parent experiences those moments when your child says or does something and you stand there in amazement thinking “I have a genius of a child!”  I had this experience recently and it was one of those moments that felt profound I have found myself rehashing it in my mind several times […]

Do you ever look back on your recent life and wonder what strange movie you’ve been cast in?  With two children and a dog odd things are sometimes said by us parental figures, not out of the ordinary for any family but if you caught only soundbites it is odd.  I have caught us saying […]


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